The art of glamour and nude photography

Shooting nude portraits has long been part of the art-rather than capturing these portraits with the brush on canvas, today they are captured with the pixel.

Since the invention of photography, the naked human body has been a natural subject for photographers and has always had a large audience.

What is Glamor Photography? 

Glamor photography covers a wide range: from the partially naked body, which you may see on a billboard for women’s underwear, to erotic images or the full naked body you may see in some newspapers or adult magazines.

There are no special elements to shooting glamour; all standard photography techniques remain the same. When taking pictures of naked or partially naked models, you should be careful because some people might see them as sexual.

Finding a Market: Glamor photography remains one of the most lucrative areas of freelance photography. For a college student trying to break into the glamour photography market, he would do well to use a film camera rather than a digital one. Film gives you warmer skin tones and gives you a better chance of getting published.

When looking for suitable markets for your glamour photography, the same principles apply as in any other field of photography. You have to study “Glamour Photography Publications” to find out what kind of material they use.

Where to shoot: Don’t worry if you don’t have your own studio. Most great glamour shots are shot on location. Shooting in the natural environment will be worth it; use the early morning light to give the skin extra warmth. Try out different places—your neighbor’s hay barn can be an effective setting for a glamorous image, or if you have a nice garden, perfect.

Choosing a Model: One of the basic elements of glamour photography is a willing model. If you’re having trouble finding one, try your local art classes. People with the ambition to become a model can hire you to do test work. But if you’re serious about being a glamour photographer, you need to work with a professional model.

Glamor photos don’t always have to be sharp. Many of the great glamour photographers defuse their images with a filter to add atmosphere to their nude portraits. The best way to get good is to practise a lot and sharpen your eyes by looking at glamour magazines.

More emphasis should be placed on controlling light contrast to ensure that the human body is not lost in heavy shadows or bright highlights. Controlling the exposure is critical for achieving the desired body tones.


While many may find this type of photography offensive, the glamour photographer is an artist and should be respected as such. It is not for me to say whether the use of glamour materials is good or bad, but to explain the art of this competitive and lucrative market.

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