Study digital photography lessons at home

For anyone interested in taking digital photography classes at home, there are many options available on the Internet. From professional online photography schools to free online photography classes, more digital photography classes for home study are available now than ever. Since digital photos are so widespread on the Internet, it makes sense that there are so many online resources available.

This article will walk you through the three most common options for studying at-home digital photography classes.

Online Digital Photography Schools

For serious digital photography students, accredited universities now offer full photography courses online. Founded and located in San Francisco, CA, the Academy of Art University is one such school that offers a fully online photography education.

The main curriculum focuses heavily on digital photography techniques and includes classes such as:

– Digital Photography
– Photo Store for Photographers
– Digital Production for Photographers
– Advanced Digital Printing

In addition to accredited schools with a diploma program, there are also independent companies that offer certificates and instruction in digital photography. It is important to do some research to see if the company you are considering taking classes from is an accredited institution that can offer a reasonable degree or a private company that provides instruction and certificates of completion.

Online digital photography lessons

If you’re not looking for a degree in digital photography but still want to take a course taught by college-level professors, local community colleges and vocational schools generally offer digital photography classes at home, either online or through other distance learning schemes. Most four-year universities also provide adult education courses and non-credit courses available online or through correspondence.

Free online lessons, tips, and articles on digital photography

There are also many free digital photography classes and home study classes available. Another great advantage of these free offers is that you can choose from many different types and take the courses or read the articles in your own time.

One particularly fantastic free online resource is the siteSome of the lessons are:

– Using your digital camera
– Digital photography
– Viewing and sharing your digital photos also has many articles; you can search for “digital photography” using their site search or visit for general and digital-specific photography lessons, tips, and articles. A Google search for “digital photography lessons” will also bring up many different results for you to read and learn from.


Thanks to the wide reach and convenience of the Internet, you can easily take digital photography lessons and classes in your own time at home. In addition to the resources listed above, you will find that many wonderful communities will also guide you in your quest to learn and master the art of digital photography.

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