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Portrait Photography Tips and Tricks

Are you looking to improve your portrait photography? Knowing how to set up your camera and lighting to take quality pictures is just one of the many steps. You should also pose your subjects while helping them feel relaxed and comfortable. Having great technical skills is a great start, but personal skills will also go a long way when photographing people. Let’s take a look at some of the things you should consider taking good portraits.

If you’re taking portraits in a studio make sure to set everything up before your subject arrives. Keeping your subject waiting can make them feel anxious and even upset. These negative feelings will show up in photos. Get the right lighting. Has several props. Props can be used to make your subject feel more comfortable. Many people will relax more quickly if they are given something to do with their hands. If you’re using a background, have it before the person arrives. If you are shooting outside of a studio, try to familiarize yourself with the location before shooting. Walk around the area and get ideas for pictures.

You should plan the general look and feel for portraits before shooting. When your subject arrives discuss those ideas with them and get feedback. These original ideas change frequently, but they are good for setting you in the direction for photography sessions.

Don’t be afraid to give your subject direction.

Most people need to pose for photos. Many, if left to their own devices, will appear bent in the image. Having your subject lean slightly forward will help stop them from slouching. While you are taking pictures talk to our subjects about their interests. Getting to know them better will help them feel more comfortable. Finally, they may forget about the camera together. If someone isn’t comfortable having their portrait taken it really does show up in the picture. It is important that you go out of your way to help them relax.

Get creative. Creative portraits that break the rules can be very effective.

Try a different camera angel. Change lighting. Use filters. See what’s best for the mood you want to capture. Some portraits may include only the person’s hand. In some portraits fill the entire image. Photography is a creative art. Once you know the rules don’t be afraid to break them. When you make changes, be confident without being bossy. This will help your subject trust your decision and be more willing to follow your instructions.

Combining these skills with the technical skills you already have will help make you the most popular portrait photographer in town.

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