Important Tips Regarding Indoor Portrait Photography

Below are some indoor portrait photography tips that will keep you from going through expensive studio lighting, but still producing professional indoor portraits.

As a Gloucester wedding photographer, you can easily do indoor portrait photography in the comfort of your own home. Even with a single light source, you can still take photos that hold a stunning view. All you need is a quiet corner-light.

Essential tips for indoor portrait photography in Gloucester

Below are some essential necessary tips for Gloucester indoor portrait photography that will make the task of capturing photos a piece of cake:

• Background

To start, you need to position your theme to be placed in front of a light absorbing black velvet. Velvet creates a black background for photographing your photos. To support velvet, you can use anything to hold it. Bookshelves will be a good choice.

• Lighting tips

Once your model is comfortably seated, as Gloucester professional wedding photographer you will need to adjust the light so that it is positioned just slightly above her head. Additionally, you must have the lights positioned to the right side of the model you choose. The lighting settings will create stunning, classic portrait photography results.

• Fast shutter speed

You need to set your shutter speed to be relatively fast. It’s a good idea to set the camera to 1/60 Sec at f / 2.8. Also, it is recommended to use a tripod to complement your photography.

• Using a tripod

A tripod will eliminate camera shake thereby refraining from spoiling indoor portrait photography. The resulting indoor portrait photos will be sharp when using a tripod.

• A longer focal length

When it comes to Gloucester portrait photography, photographers typically use an 80-200mm f / 2.8 lens and set the same up to 145mm. The reason is, a longer focal length will result in much more stunning indoor portrait photos.
• Take multiple shots

One more thing you can do is take a few shots to test exposure and general settings. If you are satisfied with the shooting setup, you can easily start your indoor photography session. It would be better if you could discuss the same with your previous model before various poses and expressions possible with her.
• Experiment with different lighting conditions

Different lighting angles will result in different indoor portrait effects. All you have to try is to go with different lighting positions and see which one works for good. Such lighting angles include the right side, above, left side, below and from behind.

• Using a reflector

Whenever the light is too harsh, it creates unwanted shadows that can ruin your indoor portrait photography endeavors. But you can use a reflector on the opposite side of the light source. Reflectors reflect light onto your subject, creating a much softer illumination.

Orange County Associate Photographer: How to Promote

You are an Orange County Photographer who has experienced great growth. You have hired an associate photographer. You now want to promote him in a profitable way.

Associate photographers can be a great addition to any photography business.

They allow businesses to take advantage of job opportunities that would otherwise have to be turned down because the owner was booked or busy. They can bring new perspectives. However, the form of the relationship and the means of promotion are items that a business owner should consider and deal with before promoting other photographers publicly. This article provides a list of ideas to consider when a business owner takes this step.

1. What is the legal relationship between you and the new photographer?

Will a new photographer be hired as an employee or will you contract work for this photographer? There are advantages to both. With hired employees, you have more control over how the job will be accomplished. With contractors you have less control but you don’t have to deal with benefits, taxes and other administrative duties.

2. How broad will the role of the new photographer be defined?

Will she be meeting with clients before the wedding or photoshoot? Will he do the photo selection and editing? Will he take orders? Clarity about the answers to these questions will prevent many misunderstandings in the future.

3. How will new photographers be paid?

Are you going to pay him a piece – where he gets paid so much for editing, so much for shooting and so much for meeting clients or will you pay him by the hour? Will you offer incentive payments – say 5-10% of any order? Incentive payments can pay for themselves with larger orders. This will give the photographer enough motivation to produce an excellent product so that the order size is increased by more than 10%.

4. What is your policy on non-competitive agreements?

Are you going to be looking for an agreement that prevents the photographer from doing work on the side while he’s working for you or Will you just require him not to contact clients who come through you. It’s a good idea to get advice from a lawyer before making a decision at this point.

Promoting new photographers in your business is very exciting. This is proof of successful growth. Taking the above ideas into account will help make the trip more enjoyable for you and your new photographer.

10 tips for earning more money as a professional photographer

Is photography your true passion? Do you want to turn it into a successful career? Use these tips to earn more money as a professional photographer and make everyone else’s dream of turning a hobby into a job.

If photography is one of those true passions you can’t imagine your life without, turning into a highly paid job is the only way for you. Ok, maybe not the only one, but definitely one that will make providing for your life by doing something you really love is absolutely possible.

With the significant costs of equipment, transportation, and editing software, as well as the time photographers put into editing their images and making them truly beautiful, photographers (especially beginners) often note that they barely manage to make enough money to cover those costs and get the something worthy of it.

Artistic people struggle with it the most, as they tend to gravitate toward photography that is more non-commercial or not average market-oriented.

However, to survive in the fiercely competitive modern photography industry and be able to engage in more artistic shooting activities, you will need to learn some tips and tricks to find more clients and orders and, consequently, increase your bottom line.

Tips to help you earn more money as a photographer

Understand the difference between photography as an art / hobby and photography as a job. Try not to be too stubborn and concentrate on all your efforts in, say, landscape or wildlife photography when you can clearly see that it’s not bringing you money. Turn your passion into your hobby and use your photography skills to earn money in other fields.

Get involved in a variety of areas of photography which will give you a consistent amount of work throughout the year. Try not to be too stubborn and concentrate on all your efforts in, say, landscape or wildlife photography when you can clearly see that it’s not bringing you money. For example, wedding photography can be very lucrative, but newborn, family, and pet photography will keep you busy all year round.

It is everywhere. Promote your photography on your social media pages (the more of them – the better), feature your work on various photography websites. Turn into a real freelancer – create your profile on various websites (Like Angie’s List,, Thumbtack, etc.) that connect service providers with clients who need a certain type of work done, including photography to not miss any job opportunities. Create your own online platform – a personal photography website with your portfolio, price lists of your services and DIY photography tips.

Remember that your time is money. And your client must respect that. Don’t underestimate your hourly rates and set them up to the average local photography rates. Don’t forget to include your editing time, the time it took you to get to your destination and return home, and travel costs in the total project price.

Brand yourself by volunteering during charities and social events, freelancing for local newspapers and magazines, create an online portfolio to become better known among professionals and let potential clients experience your skills before they have a chance to work with you. The more ‘popular’ you get, the higher the price you can charge.
Try to offer unique services and special bundles. Not every photographer will agree to do nativity photography, as it requires an extraordinary sensibility, respect and an artistic approach to what is happening. Not every pro is capable of flying a drone and taking great pictures during an aerial photo session. Improve your skills, dive a little deeper into newer, less congested by other photographers, ball photography and become one of the most sought after local pros in it.

Are you a beginner?

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from more experienced photographers and earn money at the same time. Watch for local advertisements and contact local photographers to see if anyone needs helpers for their upcoming event photography. Many pros need a second cameraman when they are hired to shoot big events. And that’s where you’ll come in handy.
Take full advantage of your rights to the photos you create. Try to avoid contracts that require you to sign those rights. Instead, save those rights for